Empower: My One Word… My “Soul” Reading Plan

Stack of Books
Stack of Books (Photo credit: Sam Howzit)

It took me a while to realize that one of my spiritual disciplines that has helped me grow in my faith has been reading. I do read for pleasure but I also read, and I have read, to feed my soul.






One of the things that I am planning for is a May 15th to August 15th reading plan of books that I have previously read which have feed my soul. I had quite of stack of books on my desk that I would take on and off one stack and move it to “the” stack which would be the ones I am reading.




A few days ago I began to look at the current stack of books and a reading pattern came to mind that has solidified my list and which I now make public in the order to be read:

AW Tozer The Knowledge of the Holy

Eugene Peterson A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

J. Keith Miller The Secret Life of the Soul

David Augsburger Dissident Discipleship

Lauren F. Winner Still:Notes on A Mid-Faith Crisis

Donald Joy Men Under Construction

Patrick Morley Second Wind for the Second Half of Life

Tozer, Peterson and Miller’s books are meaty theological books which deal with who God is, the importance of discipleship, and the reality and nature of sin and the inner life,. Augsburger and Winner’s books deal with the corporate and personal nature of discipleship and Lauren’s book is a helpful book to process the ‘middle’ of life and faith which does not, in my opinion, get too much press as we are concerned, and vitally so, about the beginnings of faith. But empowerment is also about the middle and the end of faith and life as well. Joy, who is a former seminary professor of mine and Morley’s books are about some practical application of empowerment as a man of faith.

I am looking forward to this reading plan as it will be an intentional plan to allow God to speak to me and help me be more empowered and thus help others to be empowered.  My goal is to post my thoughts and reflections once a week as part of this”My One Word” Series.




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