Hump Day Prayer 4.24.13

I am tired today Father

saline (Photo credit: Cult Gigolo)

worn out and exhausted.

I am stretched out emotionally from end to end.

My energy level is low

Going to work makes me sigh

I am focused today on family



The ‘what if’s’ of it all

I need Your strength

Your strength

to help me get through this day.


I am grateful for the words and actions of love

shown to me

but I know that I live in these moments alone.

And yet I know that I am not alone

You are with me

and that gives me hope.


So in the middle of this week

at the beginning (for me at least) of the day

I come to You

and I ask for strength that I do not have

to do what I need (and want) to do.


So then

Good and Gracious Father

You will be honored and praised

and others will be reminded that

You are a God

who does not leave us alone

in the midst of

this week

and this season of life.




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