Post Easter Hump Day Prayer

Where do we go now Lord Jesus?

path path path
path path path (Photo credit: hockadilly)

You are risen from the dead.

We know this because we have experienced Your grace, salvation, and mercy time and time again.

What do we do now?

Make disciples?

Be witnesses?

But Jesus…

I am not a preacher or a missionary! That’s their job!

What? My job, too?

But Lord…



I can’t…

The Holy Spirit?

Yeah, I believe in Him.

Yeah, I know He empowered Peter to speak..

Yes, Jesus but…

I am not like Peter, Jesus

Peter was Peter…

Yeah, I remember my Sunday School teacher

uh huh, my pastor too…

Ordinary people?

Not to me they weren’t!!!

I never thought that way before…

I never looked at it that way before…

They were ordinary people I guess

but they loved You and obeyed You and…

I see it now Jesus…

Help me then… I can’t do it by myself.

Where do I begin?

Okay Jesus, okay…


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