“Getting” Social Media: A Daily Prompt Reponse

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?

It is interesting that this is today’s Daily Prompt post as I have just spent the last two weeks narrowing down my social and electronic portals.

I left Facebook two years ago after being on it for nearly four years. I returned to FB  a year ago because I missed the connection with my extended family.

I just left Twitter this past weekend after being on it for a little over four years. Not sure if I will ever go back. Looking back I feel like I never “got” Twitter and it has changed so much since I logged in in December 2008. It seems to be more marketing driven and I found 140 characters to be too limiting at times.

Since returning to Facebook, my network is a third the size it was before. I have also noticed that there is less text and dialogue and more pictures that are communicated. And I seem to hit the ‘like’ button more than I used to do.

I was on these networks for the reasons asked in the prompt – because it was the new and cool thing to do and because family and friends were on it although I was on these networks quite a bit earlier than my family and friends.

I think that social media has matured and if a recent Facebook post by a high school classmate is any indication, then perhaps people will start leaving social media in droves and return to phone, email, and face to face gatherings as the preferred method of communication.

Any my WordPress blogs? I am merging my two WP blogs back into the original one, this one, because I feel at home here!



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