Daily Prompt: Looking Out A Window

My office window

My office is in a basement. The window that I have in this room is small and the opening is probably nearly 60 years old. What you see is the wheelchair ramp that allow those who need it to more easily enter the church building. It has also been used to wheel caskets into the building prior to a funeral.

There is also the concrete steps, old and decaying, in my view as well. Steps that I have now climbed thousands of times in my dozen plus years.

I have not looked out this window probably more than 30 seconds at a time in the dozen plus years I have served this congregation. It is a limited view.

And yet it is an insightful view because it is a ‘sole’ view. If I am looking out when someone is coming I see their ‘soles.’ So it is an earthy view as well.

But is also a view filled with metaphor – for aid being sought and given (the ramp) for aspiration and hope being pursued (the steps) not just on worship days but also throughout the week. This view reminds of the entry people make to ask me for help – tangible help; electric bills, food money, gas, – and spiritual help – with doubt, fear, anger, uncertainty, healing, life, love, and death.

This is my view out my window. Narrow perhaps but very, very human.


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