An Ode to A Playground

Merry-Go-Round (Photo credit: kayaker1204)

On this spot stood a playground of my elementary days. The school was torn down several years ago and now the empty space of both school and playground lives only in my memory.

This playground and especially the Merry-Go-Round which stood on the edge of the hill is place in which the reality of daily life met me in the first days of first grade. For it was on that Merry-Go-Round that I met the forces of gravity in an untimely fashion and tumbled down that hill.

In the five plus years after that, I cannot recall getting on that Merry-Go-Round ever again… until the last time I was on that playground over a decade ago and it’s smallness shocked me (perhaps it had been replaced by the one I stared at) and I left it alone.


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