Saying “No” In Order to Say “Yes”

A writer whose writing has been a source of inspiration and help to me (and even a few sermon quotes as well!) has been Bonnie Grey over at

Final Version (English)
Final Version (English) (Photo credit: eliazar)

She recently started posting to her website again after a period away for health reasons. She is back, thank the Lord, and has invited interested persons to link their thoughts once a week to a weekly prompt. This week’s prompt is about dealing with inner clutter and making space for God.

Here’s my story.

This time four years ago I had began a journey that took me about two more years to complete before it was done.

I was deeply involved in various roles in my community, which is a small town in Indiana. But, after I gave a series of sermons on Saying ‘No’ so You Can Say ‘Yes’ to God and spoken of the need for margin in one’s life, I began to seek out that margin.

It took me three years to finally get there.

Little by little I resigned from or gave up leadership roles and involvement in various events and programs. Some were ones in which I had sole leadership and others were part of a team. Some involved working with adults and some involved teaching middle school students some valuable lessons about careers and financial literacy.

By the middle of 2011, they were all done.

The result was a re-focusing on my congregation and my family. That has resulted in my embracing the One Word movement which for me this year is “empowerment.”

And I am beginning to see the results of that re-focus in some wonderful ways.

In part because I de-cluttered my life and began to listen to God more and more.

Bonnie, welcome back and God bless you!



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