A Review of Mohana Rajakumar’s The Dohmestics

Mohana Rajakumar’s newest book The Dohmestics, marketed as part “Desperate Housewives” part “The Help,” traces the unfolding drama 17229250in a middle eastern nation’s expatriate compound between three women Edna, Amria, and Noof and three maids, Lillie, Maria, and Maya. As the story unfolds, Rajakumar weaves universal human drama of love, lust, hope and loss within and around the cultural tensions and dynamics between east and west and the halves and the have-nots.

At times I had difficulty keeping the characters straight, especially the maids, and this led to some confusion in staying with the story. But, I liked the characters as they evoked both admiration, compassion, and amusement. And Rajakumar’s ability to bring a truly diverse group of characters together in an interesting and surprising plot kept me reading.

I rate this book a ‘good’ read.

Note: I obtained a free Kindle version of the book from an offer on Amazon.com I chose to write a review of it.


3 thoughts on “A Review of Mohana Rajakumar’s The Dohmestics

    1. Hi Catherine! thanks for the comment! I know that Mohana will be please to know this! Hope that you are well and that writing is going well, as well!

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