Review of Bob Mayer’s Area 51: Nightstalkers

Area 51: Nightstalkers, written by Bob Mayer and published by 47North Publishing, introduces us to a group of highly trained and downloadsecretive  government agents, whose regular identities we learn, are taken away and in its place, are known only by a selected one name.

The group leader, heard only in a darkened room and whose image is shrouded in a holographic darkness is Ms. Jones, a Russian whose body is forever changed by radiation damage at Chernobyl. Then there is the group commander known as “Moms” who leads a collection of personalities and abilities as they pursue Rifts and fireflies: Eagle, Doc, Nada, Roland, and Kirk the newest member who, in this installment  have to deal with Burns, a former member who goes rogue.

Rifts are portals (think Stargate SG-1) out of which come fireflies,  small and powerful alien creatures who possess animals (and the reader shall see, water in swimming pools and other intimate objects) which must be contained. Chasing these rifts and fireflies takes the group across the United States and into a variety of settings.

Fast-paced and entertaining, Area 51: NightStalkers, is a mix of special ops and science fiction with a great cast of characters.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next volume.

I rate it a ‘great’ read.

Note:  I purchased a Kindle copy of this book and wrote this review in response to my reading experience.


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