A Final 2012 Reflection On My ‘One Word’ – Follow

It is just past noon here in Northeast Indiana where I live. In twelve hours, God willing, it will be 2013 and I simply place that time frame in His hands.

2012 has been an interesting year and following God has certainly been interesting.

My family and I were sitting in a wonderful warm and comfortable town home at this time one year ago not knowing what our address would be that time next year. The journey to our current home was truly a journey in following as we navigated some uncertainty before we landed in our new home.

It has also been a very inward journey this year as I have follow God through the overwhelming depths of my soul in a period of earnest examination. One of the results was making some amends, one for an old lie and the other for a ‘more recent’ misunderstanding. In both cases, it was a liberating experience.

Probably the biggest thing that I learned this year in  following the Lord is when it gets to the hardest and even most spiritually tense and even dark moment, the necessary breakthrough is just around the corner.

For 2013 my one word is Empower. I hit the mid-50’s just over a week ago and I realize more and more that I am needing (and wanting) to empower the younger generation as well as the congregation that I serve. So I turn to God and say, “empower me to do Your will.”

Have a blessed 2013!


One last thing – I have created a twitter account for this blog. It is @Le_Padre_Livre and you are welcomed to follow me there. I will not be using it except for creating tweets that feature my blog feed.



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