Daily Prompt: 2012 Time Capsule

1. A copy of my local newspaper from a ‘normal’ day. I think that reading it in 50 to 100 years would provide a glimpse into day to day life.

2. A copy of the local high school yearbook. Allow students of tomorrow a peek back at what students did in school would provide some interesting comparisons.

3. A copy of a worship folder (or bulletin as some call it). Worship has changed a great deal for many Christian churches. Putting one in would allow for some interesting comparisons.

4. My 1st generation iPad. It started a new movement and would provide, I think some interesting discussion with ‘geeks’ of tomorrow!

5. Pictures and descriptions of my cars. How far have cars come since the 1912 Model T Ford?

6. A letter from me talking about my daily life and that of my family, my values, and observations about life then, er now!


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