Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

1960 Cadillac Superior "Royale" Ambu...
1960 Cadillac Superior “Royale” Ambulance (Photo credit: That Hartford Guy)

My earliest memory of childhood was a trip to the nearby fire station in 1960. That was the day in which an ambulance, usually a Cadillac, sat next to the fire engines in the station. EMT units were yet to be created. My father set up the visit and we (my father, mother, and I) walked in cold weather, I remember having a snow suit on, about four blocks to the station. We saw the fire trucks and the ambulance and I remember how clean and neat everything was.

What I really remember about this experience is that I was bound and determined to drive the ambulance and that I was only two years old at the time. It is my earliest memory of my childhood but it is as clear as it was then and I remember the determination to drive that car!


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