Daily Prompt: Invent Your Own Holiday

If I could invent any holiday I could, I would invent a holiday called “Dad’s Day With Kids.”

This is would not be a Father’s Day type holiday. In fact, it would be held in November, prior to Thanksgiving, instead of  in June.

The purpose of dad’s day with kids would be for fathers to have a day with their kids – at home, at school, in the community.

Dads would be allow to eat lunch with their kids, perhaps sit in class with them and assist the teacher in the grade school ages, and simply be with them.

Places of worship, community groups such as the Scouts, and even the local public library could have after school events where dads and kids could participate in shared activities.

I think that Fatherhood is such a vital part of a child’s development, including all the way through High School, that having a specific day for father involvement would pay dividends for children, families, and communities.


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