A Hump Day Prayer on “All Hallows Eve”

Good and gracious God,

I first of all ask for Your presence to be felt this day in the hearts and minds of those on the East Coast who are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Help them to put aside politics and practice community. Give patience and wisdom to all, especially the first responders and local leaders who are on the front line of aid. Bring peace to those mourning death and to those who have yet to hear about family and friends.

And on this All Hallows Eve we give thanks to You for those who have gone before us whose lives and faith have encouraged, shaped, and mentored our lives and our life of faith in You. We give thanks for those who taught us and who pastored us. Who helped us with navigating all the hard questions of faith that we have (and still have.) We thank You for each of them.

And on this day when the spirit world is the focus of our celebration, dwell through Your good and gracious Spirit in us that we will be light in the midst of darkness and hope in the midst of despair.



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