Daily Prompt: A Word Image Exercise – Follow

Today’s edition of the daily prompt, which I am finding very interesting and unique required of us to do an image word search of a random word and then write about the eleventh image that is shown on the Google image search for that word.

My random word was ‘follow’ even though I have been processing this word and its implications all year as part of my spiritual journey.

Well I followed the directions and guess what popped up in seven of the first eleven images?

Yup! Twitter!

Oh my goodness… I laughed to myself about this one.

I first discovered Twitter, I believe,  in late 2008 via an issue of Wired magazine. I thought that it looked interesting and so I signed up.

Since then I have had, quite frankly, a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Now I have made some meaningful connections and found information that I have used which I probably would have not found anywhere else. And I appreciate this social media platform in many ways.

But what I have wrestled with Twitter has been a focused use for it.  Up until recently I had two Twitter accounts. One was a 2G version of my original account and the other one, which this post will send a feed to, is  focused on book reviews and this blog. I dropped the original account because I came to the belief that this blog (and the associated Twitter account) has given me more focus.

What I am now paying attention to with Twitter is how it has changed and matured over the past almost four years. It has become, I think, an indispensable tool for looking at the world and two cases in point support this claim- The Arab Spring of 2011 and the current weather issues in the northeastern US. In both cases, personal along with basic information about what was occurring gave me, and many others I believe, an different and quicker perspective on these events.




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