Hump Day Prayer for the Wounded

We want to pray ‘Good and gracious God’  today but some cannot because they have difficulty seeing You as good and gracious when their bodies and their souls are deeply wounded.

So we pray to You with that awareness this day.

But we pray because we do think that Your goodness and Your graciousness does matter and can matter for those so wounded.

We come to You on their behalf and ask that You would place Your grace, love, and mercy within their mind, heart, and soul and as You do, they would experience them in a helpful way.

We pray for those who wounds, both physical and inner, came while on the field of battle no matter if it was a decade ago, recently, or five, six, or seven decades ago. Grace these men and women with Your presence even now though the physical pain and memories are fresh or they are of long ago.

For those Lord who deal with wounds from domestic violence, inner and outer, O God help them to experience Your safe and powerful love and grace now and in the days ahead. Renew their spirits and souls with Your powerful grace and mercy.

For those who are wounded because of accidents, help them Lord as they deal with healing that is coming this day and as they deal with healing that has never come. Remind them in some way great or small, they still matter to You.

Dear Jesus, for those who are wounded because of addiction, theirs or someone else, help them to have the capacity to be honest and to walk through the pain they have caused and has been done to them so that they move forward in life.

And in all things, move in their minds, by and through the power of Your Holy Spirit, to help them think and believe that You are a God who is not limited by their wounds but because You were wounded as well, understands what that means and that there is redemption and possibility because of Your wounds.

Show them Lord Your wounded hands and feet and…

Your wounded, gracious, and loving heart.



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