A Prayer About Our Fears

Father God

We are afraid.

We are afraid that our past is going to catch up with us. That we will be ‘found out.’

But we are already found out by You. You know our past. You see the skeletons in our closet, the unresolved conflict, the un-addressed shame.

We are afraid of our present in that it is not going the way that we ‘thought’ it would.

But are You not truly in charge? Are you not working out Your good and great plans and purposes?

We are afraid of our future because we think that so and so is going to mess with it. Our pension. Our jobs. Our faith.

But is not the future, just as is the present, and the past headed in the direction that You will bring to pass?

And then there is our anger Lord.

And our anger is rooted in our fears.

Are we not then caught in a web of anxiety which holds us fast and keeps us from trusting, believing, and hoping in You?

So Father in these days, help us with our fears. Help us to let go of those fears we need to let go of. With others help us to appropriately deal with them so that they no longer have power over us and they are resolved as they should be. And with the rest of them, let hope, in You, take care of them.



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