A Review of Erin Healy’s House of Mercy

“How? I can’t control this gift.

The answer was whispered into her heart with a voice so full of love that it could do no wounding. My mercy doesn’t exist because of who you are, but because of who I am.

Then why do you need me to do it?”

Beth Borzoi is the daughter of a fifth generation Colorado rancher and wants to be a vet. But a choice to take a midnight ride on a thoroughbred horse that ends in death for the horse puts the future of the ranch and Beth’s family at stake.

How will she, and her family, and their ranch, survive? Where is mercy, God’s mercy in all of this?

In Erin Healy’s newest novel,  House of Mercy,  we follow the falling apart, and the coming together of Borzoi family in the rugged beauty of southern Colorado. Published by Thomas Nelson, House of Mercy is a story about secrets, conflict, pain, hope, loss, death and ultimately, mercy.

Written in a narrative style that flows back  and forth between first person and third person narrative, Healy weaves a story about the tremendous loss one can experience when a choice that turns fatal takes place. And just when you think that nothing good is coming down the road for Beth and her family her gift of healing is put to use toward a person who nearly tries to kill her and her grandfather.

But it is also about unresolved conflict and un-addressed loss.

Beth’s choice threatens her family with the loss of their beloved ranch. But there are other losses too, the loss of trust between Beth and her brother Levi, and the loss of trust within herself. And yet along the way in a very mysterious fashion, the opportunity to be shown mercy through a unique animal who truly shows anything but mercy is presented to Beth forcing her to choice either to trust in this mercy or reject it.

In the end, with the future still uncertain, a healing mercy takes root in Beth and various members of her family. One that many, if not most readers, can relate to.

I liked this book because of the various twists and turns Healy takes as the plot unfolds and truly then thickens as one story line intertwines with another story line.

I rate this book a ‘great’ read

Note: I received a copy of this book from the Amazon Vine review program in exchange for a review of it. I was not required to write a positive review.


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