A Review of “We Sinners” by Hanna Pylvainen

“How come you never talk about it?” He said. “Your church.”
“It’s just that  insanity is so dull. Nothing to say.”

Jonas Chan and Uppu Rovaniemi page 154 (paperback/ARC)

I am still processing this book as I write this review.

It is a disjointed story of a disjointed family… a deeply religious family of deep and simple faith.

Some may find Pylvainen’s work offensive and offending because it is not a sugar-coat… no, a simplistic view
of faith. It is an honest and revealing look at “a” family of faith that other families faith can admit to… quite frankly, if they dare.

I do not think that Pylvainen mocks faith in this story. In fact, I do not think that she mocks anything in this story. To me this is a painful story with streaks of grace – divine and human – layered with streaks of anger, pain, fear, guilt, and sadness.

Having grown up in a similar environment, not family, but environment, I understand so much of what the children wrestle with. But, having
walked through the furnace of doubt and rebellion in my own way, I have come to a faith, my own faith, that is rich and honest. Something that some of the Rovaniemi kids would relate to and some, who would not.

The narrative style of this book would make for a great film, shot quite frankly in black and white, both HD and grainy film, with splashes of color here and there. The characters are memorable and very human and yet likable at the same time.

I liked this book because it quite frankly addresses issues that have come me in my office, in a living room, at a restaraunt and/or kitchen
table, and over the phone and Internet as a minister. It it is an honest book about faith, hope, and love.

I give this book an ‘outstanding’ read.

Note: I recieved an ARC paperback copy of this book via the Amazon Vine Review program in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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