A Review of Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar’s Love Comes Later

“Everybody wants to talk about love but nobody believes in it,” Abdulla says.

Though it took me some time to get the characters straight and become familiar with the traditional Arab greetings and characterizations, I found this book to be a delightful read.

The characters are well defined and the plot line, the common one of love, develops easily throughout the story. And it quickly develops as Hind and Sangita must face the truth about what each wants and the consequences of acting upon their desires.

The weaving together of three cultures, Hindu, Muslim, and western, is a challenge for any writer and Rajakumar does a wonderful job bringing out the tensions between the three cultures against the back drop of the universally human desire, and passion, for love.

I liked this book because of the plausible characters, the well written plot, and the tension that was kept well in check by the author which really developed the plot and the characters as the story progress.

On my scale, I give this book a ‘great’ read.

I obtained an Kindle copy of this book for free.


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