A Dad’s Hump Day Prayer for His Boys

Gracious Father,

I am grateful and thankful for my boys.

But in many ways Lord, they are already men.

Men who will in a few years move on with their lives as it should be.

But today they begin a new year of school.

I ask that you would give them understanding minds as they navigate subjects which give me shudders.

I ask that you would through Your Holy Spirit, strengthen their souls and wills and thus their characters so that they will honor You in all their doings at school, on the athletic field, and in the community.

God give me and their mother the patience, wisdom, compassion, firmness, and, most important, love, to help them in this season of their lives. I thank you for my wife and the strong woman of character and commitment that she is. Help her too this day, as an educator, to be prepared for her students.

I am honored to be a dad. I am humbled to be a dad. Help me do better.

Thank you so much Lord!



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