Review of Jose Luis Navajo’s Mondays with my Old Pastor

“Deep in some uncertain part of my soul persisted a strange exhaustion that was difficult to explain and hard to endure… It has more to do with emotions rather than muscles. It is more related to the soul rather than the body.”

The profession of ministry is one in which men and women enter the depths of the human condition and deal with the unseen turbulance of people…as well as their own. They walk with people in the best of times and in the worst of times: birth, marriage, death, divorce, etc. And while holding out the belief in a God who redeems, they concurrently still have one foot, and most of their soul, in the human condition that is both good and evil, hopeful and gloomy, full of love and full of hate.

Jose Luis Navajo is, and was, one such pastor. And he found himself, as described above in his own words, wrestling with what many in not just the ministry but also the helping professions deal with an exhaustion of the heart and soul that is not easily dealt with. An exhaustion that comes from walking with people in stressful situations.

But he turns to a pastor, his ‘old’ pastor for some guidance and what follows is series of Mondays with a man whose wisdom helps Navajo reconnect with God, not as a religious professional but as a man and human being who begins to seek God… and this book which is full of wisdom, love, faith, and hope.

As a minister myself, I found this book to be one that was refreshing. Navajo, and his pastor, do not ‘preach.’ They listen and they share the hope and reality of a God who cares for people as people.

There are many, many nuggets of wisdom in this book such as:

“Something even more difficult that overcoming failure,” he insisted, “is overcoming success.”

“Don’t work for God, work with God.”

“One of the most powerful credentials of a ministry is your marriage.”

I was drawn into this book right away and put it down with a mixture of satisfaction, encouragement, and hope. I suggest this book as a gift to your minister and ministerial friends.

(This book was published by Thomas Nelson)

In my rating system I rate this book as a ‘magnificant’ read.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the Amazon Vine review program in exchange for review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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