Hump Day Prayer for those who are Exhausted

Our hearts are sick and weary, and our eyes grow dim with tears. Lamentations 5:17

Lord today I pray for those who are exhausted at a level that only they might recognized.

They have given of themselves again and again, often without recognition or the desire for it.

They are the steady people, who are leaned on.

They are givers and not takers.

They are people of peace and grace.

And they are tired, very, very tired deep within their souls.

I pray today that You O Lord will help them rest and provide them rest.

Maybe they need to say NO to some things.

Maybe they need to let GO of commitments.

But more importantly dear Jesus, they are weary and worn.

Renew their spirits.

Help them to rest.

Provide one wise person to help them rest.

And may they soon be renewed like the eagles…

… not to over do it again

but to be at peace and rest with and within themselves.



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