Picture blog: A Journey Through the American Heartland

I recently took a trip out west to Denver and was struck by the beauty and vastness of the American Heartland.  Here are few snapshots of that trip.

Wind farms were prevalent throughout our drive. This farm was located in Western Kansas. An equally large one was seen as we returned via I-80 in Iowa between Council Bluffs and Des Moines.
Whenever I saw a church or grain elevator on the horizon in Western Kansas, I knew that a town was nearby or those buildings were in the midst of a community.
I truly think small towns breed leadership. Both out and back, I found evidences of this, especially at Russell, Kansas where two US Senators and Presidential Contenders/Candidate, Bob Dole and Arlen Spector, were born. Along this same route was Dwight Eisenhower’s Presidential Library in Abilene, Kansas
The magnificent Rockies in the Rocky Mountain National Park west of Estes Park, Colorado. I did not see any signs of the burning that had taken place in the week prior to this photo taken.
This photo was taken along I-76 in Northeastern Colorado. The cattle farms throughout our trip were simply immense to me.
Along a stretch of I-76 in NE Colorado, and elsewhere, were these wind socks and signs in the median along the Interstates we traveled. I also noticed, starting in western Kansas, that there were gates at the interchanges along I-70 that would be shut when the weather situation demanded it. I guess they are not called the ‘wind swept plains’ for nothing!
I was pleased and surprised and even tickled a bit when I saw Sinclair station signs popping up throughout our trip from Kansas on. Growing up in southwestern Ohio in the 1960’s, these signs were everywhere but not any more. This sign was for a station outside of North Platte, Nebraska
The climb up I-80 out of Omaha/Council Bluffs revealed a vast green array of Iowa farms stepped in corn.
Well, with the bridge over the Mississippi appearing along with the sign to Chicago, our return into Illinois marked the return to the Great Lakes region where I have spent my entire life. But I intend to return to the heartland for more exploring !

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