A Review of Gary Taaffe’s Walkabout and Tribal Scarring

“Are you on your Walkabout?”


“Why do people go walkabout?”

“To find their future.”

Billy to Amber, Walkabout

Within in the context of the Australian sub-continent, Gary Taaffe, himself an Australian, offers readers a delightful series, Urban Hunters, based on an aboriginal custom of an up to six month journey away from their home tribes.

It is a four volume set and I have read volumes two Tribal Scarring and three Walkabout. Tribal Scarring centers around a young boy named Billy who receives a sign from his deceased mother as a result of a red kangaroo attack and the subsequent tribal rituals initiating him into manhood. Walkabout notes his departure from his family, who are all males and need females to continue the family and tribe, and his journey to the city of Sydney where he meets a homeless girl of the streets, Amber.

I like the books as it provided a fictional account of aboriginal culture and customs as well as the many unique words that make up the Australian language. At times graphic in its depiction of aboriginal life, the books are nonetheless a lighthearted, but often serious, look at life in Australia.

I rate these books a ‘good’ read and would very much like to read the other two volumes.

Note: I received these two books, both kindle editions, via a free offer at amazon.com


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