Hump Day Prayer for Mom’s


As we approach another Mother’s Day, I am very much aware today that there are grieving mothers who are grieving the loss

of their sons and daughters. I ask Father for You to come along side them and love them deeply today and in the days ahead.

I also pray for those who await the return of their sons and daughters, and even grandson and daughters…

from the battlefield, from military service in other lands and even here at home

from college here and abroad

from the hospital.

For the mother who anxiously awaits beside her child’s hospital bed for the news of the surgery

or in the doctor’s office for the results of the test, grant them Your peace and Your comfort.

And for those who sit beside the bed of their mother in a hospice or at home or the ER or hospital room

as they await her passing, grant them O Lord Your peace.

And for those who are struggling with their relationship with their moms or who are perhaps estranged from them

we ask Father that You would work on both sides of the issue to bring about the right kind of reconciliation if it is possible.

For single moms who are struggling to be a dad and to make ends me or to help their child or children navigate a difficult stretch of life,

grant wisdom and strength.

For those moms who are incarcerated, cannot see their kids, and realize the pain and brokeness their choices have caused, we ask Father

that You would grace their presence right now and remind them that You still love them and desire to release them from the bondage of their


For first time moms we celebrate with them and ask that you bless them.

For mom’s who are launch another child out of the nest either through graduation from High School or college or marriage

we celebrate with them amidst their mixed feelings.

For those mom’s who are in the middle of life – school, work, worship – grant them strength and patience.

We are grateful today Father for moms and ask Your blessing upon them every day.





































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