Thursday Thoughts: My One Word

Late last year or early this year, can’t remember, I decided to participate in the One Word project that you can learn more about over at

I chose this year, and you can see it to your right of this post, the word “follow.”

It has been a suitable word for this year.

When Jesus called the twelve to “follow me” He invited them to a journey that led them to hear, see, and experience things they would have probably never heard, seen, and experienced.

As I have focused on following God more intently it has led me through some interesting experiences:

1. Through a month long bout with a bad respiratory condition but during which I found the strength to do some fasting and praying.

2. A journey from looking for a new place to rent to finding a place to buy! (Which is still in process as well!)

3. Through finding patience in situations that came about only with God’s help.

4. Taking a fresh look at some attitudes and habits that needed to be surrendered to God and let go of, and find that possible.

5. Experiencing the grief at the sudden and tragic death of a young woman of faith who earnestly lived her faith in the nearly 20 years I have known her.

I am not done following the Lord.

But I have found in focusing on truly following the Lord, within and without, that life has been deeply enriched this year.

For this I am grateful.

These are my Thursday thoughts.


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