Thursday Thoughts: Following God

Good Thursday evening everyone!

What a week this has been! Actually what a couple of weeks this has been.

Last fall we moved out of the home we had lived in for 11 years (actually rented for 11 years) as the landlord was done making repairs to the place. We moved to our current place for six months with the understanding that it would be place back on the market after five months.

Well, we thought that it had sold, but now that is in doubt.

Oh, and we bought a house this week.

So it has been an excited and confusing time all at the same time for us.

Following Christ has moments when the walk by faith part is truly a walk by faith through some times that are simply crazy at times.

But what I have found is that when my focus is on the Lord, there is a centering peace, that keeps me focus even when the landscape of life is changing at dizzying speeds these days.

I am grateful and thankful for much these days!

these are my Thursday thoughts…


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