Review of Bob Mayer’s (Robert Doherty) Area 51

I grew up around an Air Force Base where my father and several family members worked as civilians and so airplanes have always

Cover of "Area 51 (Area 51, Book 1)"
Cover of Area 51 (Area 51, Book 1)

been an interest of mine. And so has the area in Nevada known as Area 51.

And Bob Mayer’s, writing as Robert Doherty, initial novel in his Area 51 series brings the mysterious military base to a fast-paced, unexpected, and action packed level as he tells a tale that covers the globe from the southern Pacific to Egypt and America’s vast west and through ancient history, World War 2, and current times.

When I purchased the book for my own personal reading, it was the title that caught my attention (it is the Nook eBook version) and gave me the reason to buy it. And I am glad that I did.

Featuring a gruff and unraveling Air Force General, a planted Presidential science adviser, an Army special forces officer who is disillusioned with what he sees behind the scenes, an archaeologist who is attempting to unravel the language and story of a mysterious ancient race, a reporter who seeks to blow the cover off the secretive base as payment to a friend who dies as a result of ‘experiments,’ and an aging German scientist whose history hearkens to dark secrets of World War2, Area 51 tells a story of intrigue, deceit, power, secrets, and fantastic technology.

I give this book a ‘great’ read rating.



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