Ash Wednesday (Hump Day) Prayer: Isaiah 53

Father God, You have taken a beating for me.

You placed Yourself farther down the social ladder than I would have ever done for someone.

You were beaten, mocked, bullied, insulted and many other gruesome things.

Nobody cared about You one whit.

You went stealthy and below the radar in many ways.

Why, did you do this for me, for us?

What possessed You to do what You did?

We should be wearing those strips.

We should be burning in Hell.

What Father in His right mind would allow His Son to experience what You did?

But what liberation we have been given, in ways we do not understand!

Gracious Father, was we beginning another Lenten journey,

Come and walk with us and dwell within us.

Help us to let go what we need to let go and help us to embrace what we need to embrace.

Amen and Amen



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