Review of Roy Lessin’s Today is Your Best Day

“When your life is in God’s hands every day is your best day.”

So starts Roy Lessin’s devotional book of Today is Your Best Day: Discovering God’s Best for You.

Published by Green Leaf Press, Best Day is a series of short devotional thoughts based on the author’s belief that with God every day is your best day.

This is a simple yet deep book of 50 brief thoughts that focus on how today can be your best day as you allow God into your life.

Lessin believes that “today is your best day” for the following reasons: because of faith in Jesus Christ, because of who Christ is, because of our identity in who we are in Christ, because of God’s plan, God’s wisdom, God’s time, among others.

I believe that this book would of great help to those who are dealing with a serious illness or going through a difficult time. It is faith-based and some may not like it but it is not a ‘preachy’ book but one that reflects a deep and simple trust in Jesus Christ.

Note: I received a pdf copy of this book from New Leaf Press in exchange for a review of it. I was not required to write a positive review.


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