Hump Day Prayer: Praying Psalm 22

For complete text of Psalm 22 go here:

O God,

Why have You turned Your back on me? Why have You deserted me?

I am at a loss for words. I am feeling left without hope.

Those who I thought were my friends have turned on me and they have left me alone.

O God where are you? What have I done to deserve this?

These words which come out my mouth, from a heart that seems deserted by You drop to the ground and shatter like a fragile piece of china. There is no weight to them and they bust into thin air.

Lord Jesus, I am wounded and I am weary this day. I cannot hold up, I cannot keep fighting all by myself.

I remember, just yesterday, even one hour ago, like it was a lifetime since You were present.

I felt joy and purpose…

Now all that I feel is an aching loneliness and stifling fear that causes even these words to stick like peanut butter to the top of my mouth.

Be my Savior again! Please? Be my Redeemer and my Deliverer!

I know, I KNOW! deep within the depths of my soul that You are still… here

Make yourself known to me again

and take up my cause as Your cause not for my sake but for Your honor and glory!

You alone are worthy to be praise and I will praise You again because of who You are  and not just for what You have done, do, and will do for me.

Praise be to the God of heaven!

Praise be to the Son of heaven – Jesus Christ!

Praise be to the Holy Spirit who moves and acts within me and all around me!

Amen and Amen and Amen!


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