Review of Leigh Fallon’s Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon features the story of an American teenager, Megan Rosenberg, who moves with her father to Ireland Carrier of the Markand the unfolding of an hitherto unknown power that she possess as a carrier of a mark. Without going into detail about the plot, Megan meets a group of teens, two brothers and a sister and their guardian, who help Megan to make sense of her power.

Published by Harper Teen, Carrier of the Mark,is well-written and increases in pace as the story advances. Fallon does a great job of character development and accurately captures the life of teenagers without over dramatizing it. The paranormal element is one that will resonate with many readers as well.

I liked this book and enjoyed the story, one which contains many elements which will appeal to a younger audience of readers. But I also think that older readers will appreciate this book as well.

On my rating scale I give this book a “good” rating.

Note: I bought a copy of this book via my iBook app for my own personal reading.


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