Monday Musings: How Much Do I Simply Desire God for “who” He is?

After dropping my boys off at their respective schools this morning, I had this heart felt prayer time on the way to the office. (I prayed with my eyes open of course!)

As I prayed I began to acknowledge an attitude within me that needed to be acknowledge (confessed is a better word) about seeking God for what He could do for me, or my family, or my church and not seeking God to simply seek Him and His simple presence in my life.

As I think about this now, I am reminded of the acronym ACTS that is often used to help people develop the discipline of prayer in their life. A stands for adoration, C stands for confession, T stands for Thanking and S stands for supplication (or intercession). I have spent a lot of time on S.

Now I know that the Lord wants us to bring our concerns and also wants us to pray for others on their behalf. But there is also a place, that of Adoration, where we adore (which means, according to “to regard with utmost esteem, love, and respect.’ )

Zing !


I pray such prayers, often, and out loud…on Sundays when I am in worship.

But, to be ruthlessly honest, it has not been coming from my lips, and even more truthfully, from my heart in private.

And this is when I become aware of an attitude and, dare I say it, a hardening of the heart 

MY heart!

The bottom line – I have been whining a lot to God in my prayer time. I have reverted, at times, to the perspective and mindset of a child who is on the floor whining and throwing a fit because s/he is not getting his/her way.

And I am not going to get my way all the time and I need to ‘man up’ and accept this reality.

And I need to re-start praying to the Lord with more adoration that is truly due Him and less ‘gimme, gimme, gimme, Jesus.’

May it, with the help of the Holy Spirit, be so.


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