Bible Study Update 1.27.12

Well, my study of Genesis is about coming to an end and here are some final thoughts about the study.

I will be honest at this point and let you know that I have not done all that I had planned to do as far as the foreign language listening. I hope to finish that this weekend.

Nor have I finished the reading of Derek Kidner’s commentary on Genesis.

But I can say that as I have continued to reflect and think about this book, that I have been reminded that humankind is not a machine or a ‘just happened’ creation. There is order and purpose in humankind’s creation. We are here for a reason.

There is also a great deal about the early period of our planet and human history and development that is left unsaid. But the focus, I believe, is not on the how of beginnings but the who of beginnings.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

There is more to Genesis than the opening chapters in which people have argued and fought over for a long time. There is the thread of a purposeful plan in which God, while seeming to ignore certain persons and groups, is beginning to develop some kind of grand plan for His purposes. And the course of that developing plan includes working through deceit, favoritism, severe conflict, and the like in order to bring it about.

And even though we read of Jacob’s trickiness (aided by his mom); Joseph’s brothers hateful jealousy; and Abraham’s cowardice,I recognize that these things still exist today and that God, in spite of them, still does His redemptive work.

I will be wrapping up Matthew in the remaining days of this month and I will move to the New Testament starting next Wednesday with the gospel of John.


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