A Dad’s Hump Day Prayer


In the middle of this week, on the last Wednesday of this first month of this new year, I come to you on behalf of …

my wife.

She is working hard these days Father and not just at home but at her place of work. Give her strength to accomplish what she needs to accomplish. Help her to find time for herself (and help me help her find time for herself) so that she can rest and gain renewal in things that bring her joy and hope. Renew her faith and confidence in You. Help her to honor You in all that she says and does. I give You thanks for her.

my kids.

They are working hard at school. Help them to keep learning well and to the best of their ability. Help me Father be emotionally available to them so that they will become responsible and God honoring men one day. Encourage them as they deal with discouraging situations and relationships. Help them to honor You in all that they do and say. I give You thanks for both of them.

my friends.

Father some of my friends are dealing situations that are tough and painful and not easily resolved. Some are dealing family matters that are still unresolved. I ask that You help them during this time. Others are dealing with work situations or employment decisions and need Your wisdom to come to the best decision. Some are hurting for their kids and the decisions they have made which create fear and anxiety in their hearts. Help them Lord to be honest with their kids and yet love where they are.


I have had days recently Lord when waves of loneliness, soul pain, evil, anger, and self-pity have swept over me and I have found myself nearly drowning  in all of it. I turn to You Father to help me get back on the boat and not be afraid to tell others what is going on inside of me. But I am grateful as well for Your grace, mercy, and love for it and You have sustained me in ways large and small. Thank You for Your saving grace which graciously grabbed hold of me many years ago as a child.

Take us through this day with faith, hope, and love in our hearts and strengthed our resolve to follow You through Your Holy Spirit.



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