Tweaking my Rating System

I know that there are some readers who find it hard to believe a reviewer who consistently gives good review ratings to books as it is a credibility issue for them.

I understand this.

As a book lover and reviewer, I like books and, quite frankly, always look for something good in what I read.

I have thought about this quite a bit, well not quite a bit, but enough to determine that I am changing my ratings to reflect an honest assessment of the books I read without resorting to a ‘number’ rating.

Henceforth from today, my rating system will be as follows:

An ‘OK’ Read

A ‘Good’ Read

A ‘Great’ Read

An ‘Outstanding’ Read

and perhaps every so often I might rate a book A ‘Magnificent’ Read

and in my thinking I will not be linking these categories to a star rating.

See you behind the page!


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