Review of Andrew Max Dubinsky’s We Can’t Go Home Again

It has been a while since I have read short stories. In fact, it has been a loooong time since I have read 6 short stories in a row!We Can't Go Home Again

I did that very thing this past weekend when I read Andrew Max Dubinsky’s collection of short-stories entitled We Can’t Go Home Again and e-published by Max himself. ( I bought it through the Apple iBook app)

This book is a collection of six stories:

The Boy With His Heart on His Sleeve and the Girl Who Never Tried to Fix Him

31 Days of May


We Can’t Go Home Again

Morning Doesn’t Come

Things Just Fall Apart

These are hard stories to read. And by hard I mean ‘heart.wrenching’

These are stories of grief, addiction, loss, in short, brokenness.

They are, at times, profane and god-less

But at others, they speak to us of faith, hope, and love.

I am not going to introduce any of the characters or share, even briefly, plot lines.

You need to read this book to do that.

You may find it depressing.

You will perhaps find it hopeless.

You will also find yourself, in some shape or form (and character) in these stories.

And I truly think that you will see God at work  in these stories behind the scenes and in the background, much like the Biblical story of Esther.

Do people respond to God movement in their lives in these stories? I think so! But in ways that at times, saddened me, and at others, gave me hope.

But you will have to decide for yourself is God is present..

I give this book a ‘Good Read’ rating.

Note: I bought this book via the Apple iBook store for my own personal reading and enrichment.


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