A New Year’s Prayer for Courage: First Hump Day Prayer for 2012

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Father God.

We are at the front end of a new year and we do not know what this year will bring.

So, we pray for inner strength to love, serve, and care.

And we pray for courage to do and to say what is the truly right and God honoring (not politically correct)

thing to say.


We need economic courage…

to spend less

to spend better

to buy wisely

to honor You with our money

to empower Your Good News to keep being shared

to simplify our lives and, our souls

to stop worshiping the idols of things.


We need character courage…

to stand up to bullies

to stand up to our fears

to stand up for those who cannot stand up on their own

to love

to let go

to live for You


We need relational courage…

to address the addiction that is destroying someone we love and care about

to address the unfaithfulness that is hurting a marriage

to address the workplace issue(s) that is causing our work, and that of others, to suffer

to address the abuse -physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional – that is threatening our life and/or the life of a friend and/or family member


And finally Lord,

we need to have the courage to

have the serenity to “accept the things we cannot change”

while changing “the things we can”


So dear Jesus,

grant us courage ‘for the facing of this hour’






and year.


Empower us through Your Holy Spirit

to live holy

to live lovingly

to live courageously







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