House Hubby’s Holiday Guide to House Cleaning

One of the deals that I made with my wife when she went back to work after a five year absence from the work place, was to take over cleaning duties. It

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has been a learning experience.

So men, as I have done them today, I thought about some things that I now do, having recently moved and encountering new cleaning dynamics, that might help make the cleaning experience easier and yet still effective for you. Especially this holiday season when the Mrs is very, very busy.

First, if you have a bathroom with carpet throughout (and this includes around the toilet) then I suggest that you use wet wipes. No, not the kind for the baby, the man strength ones that the Mrs. uses when cleaning surfaces in which liquid cleansers will scratch the surfaces. Using these on the toilet will keep the regular spray chemicals from discoloring the carpet as you clean the outside of the toilet. (You do clean the outside of toilet, don’t you?)  You can also use them to wipe the rim of the bowl as well so that the bowl cleaner will not splash out and possibly discolor the carpet as well as you clean the bowl itself.

Second, if your bathroom(s) have the shower heads that detach and can be used as hand held sprayers,! If you do not and you can remodel your bathroom, do so (get your wife’s permission first) and install such a feature. If you can’t/don’t, sorry, this tip will not work for you. Thoroughly spray down the stall with your disinfectant of choice. Allow to soak for several minutes (to also run down the sides to the shower/tub floor) so as to loosen the soap scum and other stains. (Sorry but it won’t work on dried paint stains. I tried that at another house that had them.)

Then, take your shower head and using hot water, spray down the shower stall from top to bottom and back and forth. Rise the floor (the tub floor) thoroughly and… ‘YOU’RE DONE!” (Make sure to not get the carpet wet because that will delay your vacuuming of it.)

As for dusting, which is very important, use a good dust rag. Go.sparingly.on.the.dust.spray.

If you cannot find the dust rags, as I could not and had to email the Mrs this morning to tell me where they were, find some clean diapers.

No, not the disposable kind, the other kind…

The cloth kind.

(Yes, there are still cloth diapers in existence.)

We have several from the boys’ infancy that were washed and cleaned and that is what I was recommended by the Mrs in her email back to me to use if I could not find the ‘regular dust rags.’

I could not.

Dust well.

Men, our wives take great pride in having dust free furniture so dust well.

You never know when your mom or your mother-in-law will show up.

Finally, if a family member, especially the four legged kind that pants with bad breath or meows with bad breath shows up to help or supervise, take great care in what and how your are cleaning. (Seriously, chemicals can cause serious problems to our pets.)

My best advice is to distract them so that they will leave the room you are in, especially the bathroom, and that way you can shut the door and keep them out. (You want to get done quickly, right? That way you can relax in front of the TV or write a blog post about the experience.)

Well that’s all for now. I could talk about laundry and floor mopping but I have dry the towels for another cycle and I have to vacuum the carpets.

As that great male philosopher/psychologist, Red Green, is fond of saying, “If the women don’t find you handsome, they’ll find your handy.”

Happy Holidays!

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