Review of Immaculee Ilibagiza’s Led By Faith

After reading Left To Tell I had to read the follow up of Immaculee Ilibagiza’s harrowing account of survival and faith during the RwandanCover of "Led By Faith: Rising from the A... holocaust of 1994. What I found was a story that sometimes we never hear- of learning how to live again and how to live again in the midst of great loss and pain, make that indescribable loss and pain.
Well written and clearly told, Ilibagiza’s story takes us into her challenging and overwhelming task of not just continuing to trust God but learning to trust again and learning to love again.
She also takes us behind the scenes here and there as her nation comes back to life and as she finally faces the reality, about four years later, that she needs to leave her native land for safety reasons and comes to America. And in the midst of this her passionate Christian faith shines through as the bedrock of her hope and life.
I give this book, as I did Left To Tell, a ‘5’ a great read.

Note: I borrowed this book through my local library.

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