Holiday Hump Prayer

Father, as we approach another holiday season, I come to you with gratitude for the many blessings that You have graced my life with.

I have often taken them for granted, and at times, scorned them. But they are many and I am grateful because they have come from You.

But I also remember today those who find the holiday’s anything but gratifying.

And I lift to You those who will go through the rest of this year and into the beginning of next year with sadness, grief, and anger.

Some are going through this holiday season because someone dear to them, a spouse, a sibling, a parent, and close friend died and the holidays will remind them of their absence.

Others will go through this holiday with sadness because life has changed so much for them that nothing is the same and no one understands that.

But You do.

And still others will face the holidays with anger because of terrible conflicts.

For all of these who will face the holidays this way, I ask that You will walk with them no matter how deep the grief, or how profound the sadness, or how powerful the anger is. Love them deeply and place in their path people who listen long, speak well, and take their time.

You know and understand our pain during the holidays. So grace them, and us, with Your loving and merciful presence.

Bring hope and healing. Bring love and faith.

Bring Yourself, and all of Your glory, into their, and into our, hearts and souls.


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