A Prayer for Students: Hump Day Prayer for 11,9,11

Calhan High School seniors in Colorado, USA.
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Father we come to You this day to give thanks for students of all backgrounds and ages

but especially for those in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Some have completed one grading term already while others are half way into a grading term.

But for all we pray that You would inspire and aid all of the students.

Some are struggling at school because a certain subject is causing them difficulty

Others are struggling because the way they learn is not often used and so they struggle to learn in ways that are difficult for them

Some are dealing with family issues, parents are in conflict, there is, tragically, abuse in some situations and others are watching their parents die from serious illness.

We ask gracious God to truly walk with these students and help them to have peers and teachers who walk beside them as well.

For those who are doing well and thriving in school we give thanks.

May they show leadership and servanthood to their peers so that their influence is positive and helpful.

And we pray for the teachers and administrators who are having to adopt to a new way of teaching and learning

and who labor under an often frustratingly overwhelming set of demands and requirements that drain them.

Help them Lord to have patience and remind them of the value of their work on a daily basis.

We are grateful for the ability to learn and for what we learn.

In Christ’s name we pray and give thanks.



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