Monday Musings: Another View of Moving

Moving Books
Image by Kaptain Kobold via Flickr

I am on this Monday morning on the back end of moving from a house that my family and I lived in for 11 years to a place where I will be living for 6 to 9 months.

As I have packed, moved, wrestled, and unpacked boxes, couches, and washing machines over a three day period, I took time to reflect on what moving does to us and perhaps what it should do to us.

What it does to is …

that it reminds us that we become people of routine and that the familiar paths we tread through one house will change in a new one.

that the issue of place is important. Where we place the tie rack in one house is different in a new one.

In both of these situations, we are reminded that a familiar place is at once comforting and at other times, taken for granted. (familiarity breeds contempt)

What it should do to us…

I have way too much stuff…

Now, having confessed that, I think that one of the things that moving should do to us is to help us take stock of our possessions and simplify.

We have temporarily moved into a smaller space because we did not want to move in the middle of the winter! So there are piles and piles of boxes and items that will sit that way until we move to a more permanent (hopefully) place. Then will be the time to reassess our stuff.

But this move has also brought up to me another side that, with the Sunday duties over and some order in the house, I began to feel and think about… the passing of time and life and where I am in life and what I need to change, add, subtract as I move into my mid-50’s. I still have life left and I cannot play the How much left ? question right now but I can respond to the How well will I live? It seems to me that moving, even within the same town, offers one a chance to make helpful changes.

But for now… the soreness has got to go!

Have a great week everyone!


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