The Long and Winding Road: Thursday Thoughts

We, that is the family and I, are in the midst of an unexpected move. Our house is old and needs significant upgrades. But the decision has been made by those who own it, that it is time to be done.

So we had to find a new place to live.

We were in shock at first and have done some grieving. But while we are grateful for the eleven years we have been here, and the memories that come with those eleven years, we are ready for a move and our new home, while smaller, is warm and cozy.

This move taps into my melancholy side and reminds me of the passing of time and the changing seasons of life. When we moved here, the boys were, respectively, a year and three years away from starting school.

Now we are less than five years away from the youngest graduating from High School.

The title for today’s Thursday thoughts is linked to my oldest’s Beatles’ CD that features all their number one songs. The Long and Winding Road was their last number one hit in 1970. They broke up after that never to be together again.

This is not true for us. We are still together and will be. But one day it will be, God willing, only my wife and I as the boys strike out on their own.

Life is like a long and winding road, but I am grateful for a God who walks with me on that road.

these… Are my Thursday though


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