A Prayer for those auditioning: Hump Day Prayer for November 2, 2011

Father on this day, I come to You on behalf of those who are auditioning for parts in High School, Middle School, College, and even professional roles in drama and musicals.

I ask that You help them do their best.
Steady their nerves and clear their minds.
Remind them from Whom their gifts and abilities come.

Be with the directors who have the final decisions as to who is given what role.
For those who gifts are behind the scenes, grant them strength and ability as they prepare the sets, lights, costumes, and sound.

Thank You God for the theatre and the stage.
Thank You God for the joy and power of music.

And in all of it that we hear and rehearse, may You speak to us of Your grace and mercy through the lives of the characters we observe.



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