Thursday Thoughts: The Importance of Our Back Story

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With having a son who wants to become a film producer/director and following several writers on my second twitter account, I have become very much aware of the back story – or the story of a character that takes place prior to the event/experience being read of in the book or seen on the big screen.

This awareness has caused me to reflect on my work as a pastor and in doing so, I am reminded that everyone I meet and everyone in my congregation has a back story. And some times a glimpse of that back story will take place like it has to me this week in some situations and provide a new view of a person’s life.

I believe that this back story has spiritual implications and I think that the story of the Samaritan women in John 4 is illustrative of the power and influence of one’s back story. It is Jesus who makes us aware of her back story (and how many of us want to hide our back story as well?) when he speaks of her marital history.

On Twitter I have often read the quote, “Be kind, Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” or some variation thereof.

Part of that battle is one’s back story and in our back story, God’s grace must illuminate that back story and in doing so, help each of us come to terms with it because it influences our behavior in ways that do not often make sense to other people.

So be kind to everyone you meet and pray for them so that God, in His gracious way, will bring hope and healing to their back story, too.

These are my Thursday Thoughts


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