A Prayer For Those Who Are Angry: Hump Day Prayer for 10.26.11

Good morning Father.

I pray today for those who are angry.

Some are angry quite frankly for personal reasons,
They got the wrong size or color and are inconvienced by having to return the item today
Their coffee was incorrectly made at the coffee shop and now they are having to drink
A coffee they do not want to drink.
Others are angry because they did not get accepted into the right school or club or were cut from the team.

It is easy to dismiss them because their anger seems petty, but we pray that You will help them in their anger.

Others are angry because they have been betrayed in their marriages and families.
An affair has been discovered, an addiction unearthed, a verbal stab in the back has been made
And some important, very important primary relationships have been deeply fractured.

Oh God, help those who are dealing with such anger and pain today. Place people in their path who have walked that anger path yet have refused to let their anger control and define them and their lives they have chosen a more healing way.

And the some are angry because their nation and their society has been so rent by greed, unbalanced power, and inhumane treatment (some for so long) that they are occupying and demonstrating and, in some cases, destroying property because their anger has no direction to take.

Dear Jesus, help them address their anger and turn in the right direction toward productive ends. You knew what it was like to face the anger of those who wanted You dead because they were jealous of Your growing influence and power even over death when you raised Lazarus from the dead. And yet in taking the full force of their anger all the way to the cross, You ultimately disarmed them and won through Your resurrection.

Please be with us in our anger this day. For we are angry about and with many things. Direct our righteous anger into actions of reconciliation. And direct our unrighteous anger into the ground and us toward redemptive actions and attitudes.

Thank You Holy Father, that you did not let Your Holy and Just anger cause You to destroy us but to redeem us.



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