Thursday Thoughts: To My Pastoral Colleagues

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To my brothers and sisters in the pastoral ministry

I offer you a word of encouragement and thanks today.

Some of you I know IRL (in real life)

Others of you I know via Twitter

But to all of you

I say

Let us hear God’s gracious word to us

as people first and then pastors second

I pray that God would strength and encourage you today

The battle is God’s and not ours

We are servants and sowers

We plant and water

But, as St Paul says, ” God gives the increase.”

Let’s be who we are…

young and old

male and female

experienced and newbies

Denominational and non-denominational

extroverted and introverted

We matter to God first as people and then as pastors

The size of our church does not matter though God wants all to come to Him in faith

What matters is the size of our faithfulness

We pastor in seasons of plenty and want

We pastor in sickness and health – spiritual, mental, physical, emotional,

We pastor in Jesus’ name and not our own

We are expendable and yet we are important

The Lord bless you deeply!

these are my Thursday Thoughts



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