Tuesday Book Review: Melissa Foster’s Megan’s Way 10.3.11

With a flashback foreshadowing introduction, Melissa Foster’s Megan’s Way, tells the story of fiveMegan's Way (2011 Beach Book Festival Award Winner, 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist) characters each with a past that is unaddressed and which, through the death of one of them, forces three of them to face that past.

An award winning novel, published by Outskirts Press, Megan’s Way is a gripping account of death, family, relationships, and the past. Honest dialogue and true-to-life (without being glib or cliched) situations characterize this moving novel that focus on Megan who is dying of cancer, her daughter Olivia, and three of Megan’s closest friends, two of whom will assume responsibility for Olivia’s upbringing when Megan dies.

I liked this novel for the emotional honesty and intensity it brings to the reader. The story line is a situation which is familar to the human condition: unresolved pasts that are needing to be dealt with and are brought to the forefront in the character’s inner struggles after Megan’s death. Foster also does an excellent job with character development and plot sequence with some very surprising twists and turns in the story line that you will have to read and which suprised me.

On my home built scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (great) read, I give Megan’s Way a “5” with one caveat to Ms Foster. “Melissa, write a sequel to see how the remaining characters workout their unresolved pasts. That would make a great novel!”

Reviewer note: I purchased this work via Kindle for my own reading pleasure.

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